Keep Calm and Snap On

Recently, I have seen a lot of prints with the saying “Keep Calm and Carry On”.   I have seen decorator’s using it in nursery’s (a great reminder when the baby is screaming, right?), I’ve seen it in offices, and I’ve seen lots of different versions being sold on Etsy.  This saying is being printed on posters, pillows, t-shirts, jewelry, bags, purses, calendars, notepads…anything really that you can think of.

Then I received an email from Photojojo, a site that provides fun photo tips to anyone from a first time photographer to a seasoned pro.  It had posters for sale that said “Keep Calm and Snap On”.  Here is what they look like.

I love this version of the saying.  So many times, even though I am a photographer, my job does not include enough photographing.  There are so many other tasks that consume my life being a business owner.  I’ll never forget when Trevor looked at me in complete seriousness one evening and said, “I thought your job was supposed to be taking pictures.”  And, while I was in the very first year of my business at the time, completely overwhelmed by all the new laws to learn, taxes, paperwork, creating business plans and pricing structures, and much more time consuming non-art related tasks, I thought, yes, I am supposed to be taking pictures.  And every once in a while, when that feeling of, “I just wanted to take pictures” creeps back, I have learned to drop what I am doing, grab my camera, and go take pictures.  It is what I love, and it is what keeps me calm.  It reminds me why I continue to do all of the other tasks that make my business run and make it better for me and my clients.  I do it all because I love to take pictures of people and for people to enjoy, absolutely love it!  So, I think this poster may just find a spot in my office, just to give me an extra reminder.

And, if you wold like a little history lesson on where this poster came from, and why it is becoming so popular now, you can go to Wikipedia or go to Photojojo here and click on History Lesson.  You can also purchase here if you are interested.  I definitely learned something new today, and I will be bringing this new found information into some conversation this weekend, and I will sound really smart.  Go read it so you can sound really smart too!