In Everything, Simplify…

At the beginning of the new year my motto was, “Why not?”.  Whenever I dream something, or want to do something in life, or want to contact someone I ask myself, “Why not?”.  Basically, why not do it, and why not now?  I love what it has helped me overcome and accomplish so far.  It releases a lot of fear.  It helped encompass my new years goals, and I love having that question or statement in the back of my mind all the time.

I am going to hopefully hold onto this for a lifetime because it has made life more fun, but lately I keep coming back to the idea of simplicity.  Maybe it is just because it is Spring, and I can feel the itch of cleaning coming.  But, I really think it is time to simplify everything in my life.  There are so many things that have gotten out of control or have turned into something that shouldn’t take up my time.

A few things I am beginning to simplify:

1. All of my work processes.  One being my color processing process.  I have simplified the way I do it and the actions that I use.  I have been able to do a better job faster and relieve a lot of anxiety and stress along the way.  The best part is that I have been able to get the images to my clients sooner.  I am trying to find ways to be more efficient with everything I do for my business.  This way I can make more time for my clients, my family, and my life.

2. My workouts.  I have always loved going to the gym.  I have said all my life that I would rather be running on a treadmill than running outside (if at all).  I would always have my iPod with me and my radio so that I could also watch tv.  But ever since I started training for the half marathon I have realized how amazing it can be to run outside and without my iPod.  It’s simple.  No distractions.  It’s the only time in my day when is is just me and my thoughts.  And I am beginning to love my simple workouts.

3. My Reading.  Simply put, and this is still hard for me to say, I am letting all of my magazine subscriptions run out.  This is a hard one for me, but I think I have to do it.  I use to completely enjoy the act of lightly reading through a magazine, but this stack of them that has been piling up is beginning to feel more like a chore.  Nothing I am supposed to be enjoying should feel like a chore so until I can love my magazines again we are breaking up.  And really, I enjoy a good book so much more, and I take so much more away from them.

4. My closet.  Seriously, it is ridiculous…more like embarrassing.  I just love fashion – so much!  But the definitions of the words need and want in my dictionary are beginning to blur together.  I already went through and got rid of things that will not be worn again, and the new things do not need to come into my closet for awhile.  I think I am trying to tell myself no new clothes for the entire summer.  But I don’t quite feel strong enough to make that statement yet.  I will at least say that I will think much harder about each purchase.

5. Technology.  I do not need to check Facebook and Twitter during every single down moment of my day.  Seriously, what did I do while waiting for a train before I had Facebook on my phone?  Or during commercials?  Or while I am sautéing the broccoli for dinner?  I just need to live life in the moment instead of seeing what everyone else is doing that moment.  And another one, less tv and just listen to more music.  Much more relaxing, and it helps me be more productive.

6. Relationships.  I completely intend to enjoy my outdoor patio on every night this summer.  I just want to focus on good conversations with my husband, my family, and my friends.  The most important things in my life.

There are just so many things and activities that clutter our lives.  I want less clutter.  I want everything I have to be something that I really want to have, and everything that I do to be something that I really want to do.  If it no longer matters to me by the following day, then why am I doing it?  We should only do the things that ultimately make us happy and enjoy life more fully.

So, I have added a new motto to my life.  In everything, simplify.  What will you simplify and how do you do it?  I would love to know what you think!

And speaking of simplifying, and because this post needs pictures, we simplified our landscaping two weeks ago.  A very generous friend helped us rip out a number of overgrown bushes and trees around our house.  I have a feeling our landscaping is going to stay this simple for awhile, at least until I start reading some landscaping books.

  • Shari Vogt - Great Minds Think Alike! I have been feeling exactly the same way. Sorted through all the closets last weekend, spring cleaned today and getting rid of the catalogs next week (our recycling buckets have gotten way too heavy!). You’ll feel so much better as you accomplish each of your goals. Way to go!ReplyCancel