Friday Fun : 2.01.13

Happy Friday!  This morning, I honestly did not realize that it was Friday!  I know that sounds crazy, but I was sick from Saturday until Tuesday.  I was in a complete fog, and it seems I missed a few days.  Friday caught me by surprise, and so Jasper and I just spent the morning having some fun!

This first picture is from last night…we pulled out a bowling set that I picked up at a garage sale this past summer.  It is so much to store little toys away for the winter to pull out when we are going stir crazy!  The actual bowling didn’t go over very well, but when Trevor started juggling (I guess you can call it juggling) Jasper loved it!  It was quite entertaining, and we all had a good laugh!

And this morning we spent an hour and a half at play land!  Jasper loved it, and we were both completely exhausted afterwards!  I hope you are having some Friday Fun too!

  • Julia - I love the Friday Fun pictures! Trevor looks like he’s having fun, and Jasper is having fun watching his dad have fun. 🙂

    Friday Fun day was named “Family night” for us for many years. It was a guarded night and then High School ball games came into play. At that point, Family Night moved to Mondays which wasn’t as fun. 😛 Our evenings included a spiritual lesson from the Bible, pizza, a can of pop (yes, it was a big deal!), and a movie! What a great tradition you are starting for your family! I know it meant a lot to Lucas more than anyone!

    I’m so sorry you were sick. I could have come over to fill in with Jasper! Call me next time and I’ll be the extra pair of hands you might need!

    You’re a good mom!ReplyCancel