Friday Fun : 3.08.13

We are itching for Spring!  And in Ohio in the month of March, if it is just sunny and above 30 degrees you do everything you can to get outside.  Today, 37 degrees might as well be 65 degrees in my mind.

After lunch, I had to force Jasper to go outside for a walk with me.  I don’t think he quite understood what we were going to do.  Who could blame him though?  The last time we probably went for a walk outside was last October and he was 19 months old!  Crazy!

We only walked down to the end of our block and back, but it was so refreshing.  Not only the fresh air, but holding hands with him as he pointed out mailboxes, basketball hoops, sticks, snow, and mud.  I cannot wait to go on adventures all summer with my big boy!

Happy Friday!  Enjoy the sunshine!