Friday Fun : 4.12.19

There is something so nostalgic about bath time pictures.  Maybe it is because they are timeless, no clothing styles to date the pictures.  Maybe it is because it is common, everyone has pictures of their kids in the bath.  Maybe it is because I have seen pictures of me as a kid in the bath a million times. Or maybe it is because bath time is one of those moments where I completely and utterly feel like a mom, remembering back to when my mom sat and watched us kids play in the bath until our hands and feet where as wrinkly as a prune.

Whatever it is, I adore pictures of Jasper in the bath.  My mom has bath time pictures of each of us kids at about this age hanging in her bathroom.  I love seeing them every time I give Jasper a bath over at Papa’s house.  I think it is about time that I hang a few of Jasper up in my bathroom and continue on the tradition.

Happy Friday everyone!