Mini Sessions to End Cancer

On Monday night, over 300 women in our small community gathered together for Girls Night Out.  We got away from our guys and kids for the evening, laughed, snacked on appetizers, chatted, won prizes, and along the way raised money for ABC 4 Maddy’s Relay for Life Team.

It’s tough for me right now to go to events like this, it brings up a lot of strong emotions, but each time that I do go I feel better because of it.  I love to be surrounded by so many people fighting alongside with me, even if in the smallest of ways, to bring cancer to an end.

I never wanted cancer to be my mission.  Months before my mom was diagnosed I was searching and questioning where I could donate time and energy – what cause I could be passionate about.  I wanted to be able to choose it, but it has chosen me.

Saying that my mission is to end cancer seems a little daunting and far fetched, but without me there is one less person fighting this fight.  I believe that I can make a difference.  It will take a lot of us to realize this dream but I want to see a world someday where people’s lives are not devastated by cancer.  I can dream of a world completely free of cancer.  I want to help get us there.  I cannot just sit back and hope.

Here is one way that you can help me work toward this goal.  Trevor will be participating in Pelotonia this year.  If you haven’t read about it, go back to this post to find out more.  If you donate $100 to his ride, by clicking here, you will get a FREE mini session.  Details on the mini session are below.  I hope this is one way to raise money to end cancer.  100% of the money raised goes straight to cancer research…100%!!

Once you donate, make sure to email me to set up your mini session (  Can’t wait for us all to work together to reach this ONE GOAL!

And if you are interested, and this date does not work for you, email me and we can see what we can work out.


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