Poulson | Family + Newborn

It sure is lucky that I am already very pregnant because I have major baby fever!  I feel like there are babies everywhere, and I just must have one of my own.  A couple of weeks ago, I photographed this little sweetheart, and this weekend I will get to photograph my little niece!  I’m telling you, there are babies all around me.

Sweet little Meyers was probably the best, most content baby I have ever photographed.  He hardly made a peep the entire time and was so completely content.  Thank you, Poulson family, for inviting me to document this special time in your life!

I love Meyers’ room!  His dad is a pig farmer, and all the little pigs in the room are so cute!

I had to get some crying pictures, but I think this only lasted all of 20 seconds.

That cute little smile…it gets me.