Rebecca + Clay | Engagement

I don’t know if I have ever been so nervous for an engagement session.  I was completely flustered even though I kept trying to calm myself.  I don’t quite no why other than Rebecca is like a sister to me.  She has been best friends with my sister since second grade, and we all grew up with each other.  She has been there through everything; she held all of my four brothers as babies, and has been there through every big life event for me and my sister including graduations, engagements, marriages, births and deaths.  She is just like a sister.

Now it is our turn to celebrate with her the same as she did for us.  We’ve talked about her wedding long before she was engaged, and whenever she would bring up pictures she would say, “You know you are taking them, right?”  I guess all the talk and lead up made me feel the pressure.  I am sure all my brides talk just as much about their pictures to friends and family, but the difference is I don’t hear most of it.  It all made me so nervous.

Luckily, I think the nerves only made me shoot more (sorry for the amount of images to choose from, Becca).  We are all so happy for you and Clay!  I cannot wait for the BIG day!  And all the big days from here on.  Enjoy!

Rebecca and Clay have been working so hard on the house that will become their home, that it was only right to get some pictures there.  It has been the place where their love has grown and strengthened over the past year, and where they will begin their family someday.  It is very special to them!  And Becca is a great decorator!

You are absolutely beautiful, Becca!

I love the images of them in the rocking chairs and the following ones on the back of Clay’s truck.  It is city meets country.  Rebecca who majored in fashion, studied in New York, and works at Coach, is fully engulfed in the beauty of country living with Clay who works on trucks and in the fields.  I love it!

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