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My baby sister is due in 7 days.  I know too well what those last 7 days feel like…LONG!  I am already filled with anticipation and nervousness for her, so I can only imagine what she feels like.  It is so hard to wait not knowing how long you will be waiting for.

It has been a bit surreal to see my little sister pregnant and preparing for a baby all of her own.  The little sister I used to play house with, make believing we had husbands and kids, imagining what life would be like.  It was a fairytale in our eyes at the time.  Real life is far from an actual fairytale, but there is nothing more special in life than having a child.  I cannot wait for Randi to have this amazing experience and to see her be a mom.

She will be a GREAT mom!  We both learned from the absolute best!  Life is continually bittersweet this way.   My sister and I are both building our families, being moms, being everything my mom loved most in life.  My mom dreamed of the days that she would be a grandma to a bunch of kids, always saying how she was going to have these huge cousin sleepovers.  This would be her third grandchild, and only the beginning to the large amount of grandchildren that are to come, I am sure.

I wish my sister could have this experience with our mom.  I was lucky enough to have her here when I had my first child, to help me through all of the tough first days, sleepless nights, and endless questions.  I hope, even with my sister being 4 hours away, that I can be there for her in a way that mom would have been.  Without having our mom to lean on, it has become even more special to me to have my sister.  I am so grateful to have my ONE sister, especially with having 5 brothers after her.  We can be each other’s support, help line, and friend.  Thank you, Randi, for being there for me when Ellis was born.  Now it is my turn to be there for you.

I cannot wait to meet baby boy Fike!  Jasper and Ellis get another cousin, and we all couldn’t be any more excited!

We took these pictures about a month ago already.  Randi is more beautiful than ever, pregnancy suits her.  Now I will just sit by my phone and wait for some news for the next week or so.  🙂  I am sure I will jump any time that I see her number.

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  • Randi Fike - Thank you Leah for capturing these pictures and this time in our life even though it was a busy weekend for you! You are so talented with your words and photography. I couldn’t help but tear up reading this blog. Life is full of ups and downs, but I am so thankful for you in my life. It was an honor to be there for you with Ellis, and I can’t wait to have you here by my side when baby boy comes. We just need to coax him out now. 🙂 Love you!!ReplyCancel

  • Danielle - You’re right, pregnancy looks great on her!!! She’s beautiful, looks so much like your mom!ReplyCancel

  • Rebecca - Beautiful! I Love all the pics! So special! Love you! Come on baby boy Fike!ReplyCancel