Alicia | 2016 Senior

Before Alicia’s Senior session, I did not know her.  But by the end I knew she was beautiful, smart, kind, and that when she laughs her whole face lights up.  And last but not least, she has a great fashion sense.  I love that I can ask for fashion advice from my Seniors!  I had such a great time with you, Alicia!  Best of luck in your Senior year, and everywhere life takes you! Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0013 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0015 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0014 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0011 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0010 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0012 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0017 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0018

This may be my absolute favorite!

Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0016 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0019 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0020 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0021 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0022 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0023 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0024 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0025 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0027 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0026 Leah_Fruth_Senior_Photography_Archbold_Ohio_0028

  • Kayla - I’ve known Alicia since she was a sophmore, and each time I see her, I think back to when I first met her and how much she’s grown up, matured, and how absolutely beautiful she is!! I know she will do great things in life. Good luck in college Alicia!! And I hope you and Hannah remain friends!!ReplyCancel