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Friday Fun : 4.12.19

There is something so nostalgic about bath time pictures.  Maybe it is because they are timeless, no clothing styles to

Friday Fun : 3.08.13

We are itching for Spring!  And in Ohio in the month of March, if it is just sunny and above 30 degrees you do

Friday Fun : 3.01.13

Sticking a bit to the theme of yesterday’s post of Welcome Into My Mess, here I am welcoming you to my literal

Friday Fun : 2.22.2013

Happy Friday everyone!  We are starting to get a case of the winter blues at my house, and we are running out of

Friday Fun : 2.01.13

Happy Friday!  This morning, I honestly did not realize that it was Friday!  I know that sounds crazy, but I was sick

Friday Fun : 1.18.13

I’ve been trying to write a blog post all day now, and it is not coming very easily.  Then I finally realized